Consultants for small businesses:
Driven, Innovative, Reliable

We help small business owners to run your companies cost-effectively, securely and objectively. Even if you prefer to tackle all management, marketing, IT & logistics in-house, engaging an outside expert with the experience that BOLT can bring to the table, can greatly accelerate your time to market & revenue and considerably increase profitability.

We will deliver to you fresh ideas, proven methodologies and processes, secure technologies and relevant business experience.


  • Process management
  • Project management
  • Corporate governance
  • Organizational alignment


  • Research and analysis
  • Branding and Identity
  • Communications
  • Online presence


  • Networking & Infrastructure
  • Unified communication (email, phone, collaboration, productivity applications)
  • Cloud & data center services
  • Software development
  • Application support


  • Vendor sourcing appraisal and negotiations
  • Global logistics management solutions
  • Global customs compliance solutions
  • Broker & forwarder solutions
  • Logistics management software